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Adhesive, also known as glue is a compound of semi-liquid that is used to stick things together. Adhesives come in various forms: natural, synthetic, drying, hot UV and light curing, pressure sensitive and contact adhesives. There are various uses of adhesives both domestic and commercial. You should allow hot adhesive to cool before using, as it can burn your skin. Contact adhesive is widely used in homes as it dries off quickly when spread on the surface by evaporation and has a very good contact. Natural adhesive is made of inorganic elements from various substances.

Taping up cracked windows
To fix broken window glasses, cut some plastic tape equal in size to the crack, staple it with stapling pins, and then gently apply tape on both sides of the crack for it to hold still. This will prevent wind and rain from getting in through the cracks. If the crack is on the lower part of the window you can paint it to add some decor. So that you won't have an ugly window, dark colors are recommended as they make rooms a bit cooler.

Masking off painting areas
Most people tend to prefer a variety of colors when building a house. The same concept applies when it comes to using glue or better yet, adhesive. One can use as many colors as possible depending on one's taste. To begin, apply the first coat of the paint you want on the wall, leave it for some time to dry and after some minutes apply a layer of glue on top of the first coat. Using a knife gently cut the glue along the edges and peel off the dry paint. You are now free to spray paint again. Repeat the step of applying the glue then peeling till one gets the admired range of colors.

Taping up broken broom handles
In many cases people use the common duck tape to get back the broom to its usual state. This tape is efficient in this task because every inch of tape fits like perfectly. Hold the broom gently and place it on a flat surface. Cover the broken part with the tape gently without interfering with its position. Apply the first stage then turn the broom and put the tape on the other side of the broom. Now you can hold it and wrap the tape all round the handle.

Joining papers
Careless book handling often results in the pages getting torn. That's when glue comes of use. Arrange the separated or torn pages in order and apply a small amount of glue on the edge of the book. Place the separated papers together to form a whole book again. Leave it open for some time before applying another coat of glue.

Adhesives can also be used in beauty: for example one can use glue to put a certain decoration on their teeth, cheek or even putting artificial nails for ladies.

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The Adhesive Handyman - Tape Tips Around the Home

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This article was published on 2010/04/03