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In the field of arts and craft, adhesives are very important especially when it comes to joining two different materials.  There are various materials used in crafts and that's why a universal adhesive can be very useful to the advocates.  It is also important that the adhesive is heavy duty and will not leave any dirt on the crafts.  Thank God there are now hot glue sticks that can serve as adhesives not only to art stuff but also to the things needed to be joined at home and in the office.  These adhesives are very flexible and useful.  They can join papers, plastics, and woods.  Glue sticks are solid and should be melted in order to be used as adhesives.

Adhesives are very important not only to the arts and craft industry.  In the past, people used different things like blood and egg whites to serve as adhesives.  Adhesives are definitely part of every generation's lives.  They are used to repair broken items or to create new items.  Whatever the reason for the use of adhesive, it should be effective in serving its purpose.

With the advancement of technology, adhesives were further developed to cater to the needs of people.  Hot glue sticks were invented in 1904 by a Chemical Engineer named Paul Cope.  Cope discovered the thermoplastic adhesive to answer the problem in water-based adhesives.  Thermoplastic glues need a glue gun in order to seal or connect different materials.  The glue gun will melt the glue stick by heating the part where the glue stick is located.  The melted glue stick can be released by automatic trigger system or by pushing the stick.

Glue sticks are available in dual-use or in granular form.  They also have specific time frame for the locking period.  Users should bond the materials within the locking period for the adhesive to be effective.  After the locking period, the glue stick will return to its solid form.  Glue sticks are now available in different sizes and colors.  People can now use them as part of their craft.  When buying a glue stick, people should consider the size of the glue gun to ensure that the glue sticks can be used.

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Hot Glue Sticks for Crafts

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This article was published on 2010/10/14