Choosing the right adhesive for the job

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There are many types of adhesive, from tile adhesive and sealant to wood glue and products such as ‘nail free’ products, but you have to make sure you use the right one for the right job or your job may fail.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best materials and adhesives for any redecorating job or refurbishment that you’ve got planned.

- Make sure the surface can ‘take’ the adhesive you’re planning on using – if it’ll absorb into the underlying material, it’ll make it very difficult to do anything with it, and lessen its effectiveness to create and seal the bond. It’s also important to make sure that it’s rated for use on the product underneath and the item you’re planning to bond it to. Certain adhesives are useless for example on plaster, while others aren’t of any use to stick tiles to anything.

- Clean both surfaces thoroughly – it’s important to ensure that you’ve thoroughly cleaned and removed anything that will impede the bond you’re hoping to form. A key mistake most people make however is that they don’t wait till this cleaned material dries and use the adhesive without waiting for the material to cure or dry. Giving it a chance to dry will allow you to be entirely sure that the glue isn’t being affected by the cleaner, especially if you’ve used something soap or solvent based.

- Make sure the adhesive has all of the qualities you need for the environment you plan to use it in. The last thing you need is for the glue to mould or rot underneath because you haven’t gotten the anti-fungicidal treatment or that damage or conversely doesn’t protect the wood you’re attaching to an object using it. This should only take a few minutes of reading, but if you’re unsure, ask advice and pick the best product for the job.

- Allow proper setting time – another big mistake people make is not allowing the product to set appropriately, which means it will fail at one point or another – once it’s set though, you’ll find that it works as it is designed to.

- Whether you’re looking for superglue, wood glue or tile adhesive, you should make sure you’re using them in a well-ventilated environment – glue is notorious for smelling terrible in enclosed spaces and can poison you in extreme situations.

Making sure you’ve prepared and followed all instructions will allow you to use the adhesive correctly without creating issues for whatever you were sticking to the wall, floor or ceiling. Adhesive performs best under specific conditions too – so ensure that you’ve got the right temperature and conditions for using the materials too to maximise its effectiveness. Using it while too hot or cold will cause it to cure ineffectively or minimise its bonds to the materials, making it weak and more prone to failure. But if you follow the instructions, the adhesive should be perfect for a long time.

The best adhesive can stick just about any material to anything else, allowing you to decorate and create affects you may have thought impossible.

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Choosing the right adhesive for the job

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This article was published on 2010/12/24